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History of Gomarankadawala Divisional Secretariat

Gomarankadawala Divisional Secretariat is one of the eleven  Divisional Secretariat of Trincomalee District, of Eastern Province, Sri Lanka.There are ten GN divisions within the Gomarankdawala division.

  • Gomarankadawala
  • Galkadawala
  • Kandamalawa
  • Kivulakadawala
  • Pamburugaswewa
  • Mailawewa
  • Medawachchiya
  • Kalyanapura
  • Bakmeegama
  • Pulikandikulama

Gomarankadawala division is located in the notherrn part of the district , about 40 kms north west of the traincomalee district. The division spreads over an area of 285 square kilometres (110 sq mi). of 15% of total land area of the district. It the secnd largest division in terms of land area of divisions of tricomalee district.There are 50 villages within the 10 grama niladhari divisions of the Gomarankadawala divisional secretariat division.The division belongs to the seruvila electrorate and gomarankadawala predeshiya sabha.

According to the divisonal statistics of 2017 of Gomarankadawala Divisional Secretariat Division has population of 8804 persons and 3010 families. There are 4363 males and 4441 females in the division. Majority of the population is sinhalese (8773 persons) and are buddhists (8773 persons). Second and only minority is tamils and are hindus of 31 persons in the division. 

The division is managed as administrative setiing of 1964 as divisional reveneue office. In 1970 it is named as Assistant Government Agent Division and in 1991 it is named to Divisional Secretariat Division. Since 1964 to now, there were 16 heads worked in the division. 

Heads of the organisation since 1964

Name Designation From To Service Period
Mr. M. Subramaniyam Divisional Revenue Officer (DRO)  1964 1964 1 Year
Mr. H. Pullenayagam Divisional Revenue Officer (DRO) 1964 1965 1 Year
Mr. A. Arnold Divisional Revenue Officer (DRO) 1965 1966 1 Year
Mr. Don Jerom Divisional Revenue Officer (DRO) 1966 1967 1 Year
Mr. A. M. Karunarathna Divisional Revenue Officer (DRO) 1967 1969  2 Years
Mr. G. A. De Silva Divisional Revenue Officer (DRO) 1969 1970 1 Year
Mr. Y B. Dissanayake Assistant Government Agent (AGA) 1970 1978 8 Years
Mr. Ran Ariyadasa Assistant Government Agent (AGA) 1978 1979 1 Year
Mr. D. Wickramaarachchi Assistant Government Agent (AGA) 1979 1979 1 Year
Mr. C. W. Karunaratne Assistant Government Agent (AGA) 1979 1983 4 Year
Mr. P G. Abeykone Assistant Government Agent (AGA) 1983 1986 3 Years
Mr. B. A. Danapala Assistant Government Agent (AGA) 1986 1991 5 Years
Mr. E. M. N. Ekanayake Divisional Secretary 1991 2001 10 Years
Mr. H. A. A. Chaminda Divisional Secretary 2001 2007 6 Year
Mr. R. Jayasundara Divisional Secretary 2007 2014 7 Year
Mr. S. M. C. Samarakoon Divisional Secretary 2014  todate  

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